A Cytomegalovirus Retinitis Screening Program: Evaluation of Enrollment Criteria for HIV Patients in Singapore.


PURPOSE Identification of optimal enrollment criteria for a CMVR screening program suitable for a resource-limited environment. METHODS A prospective audit was performed on newly diagnosed HIV patients referred for CMVR screening with any of the following four criteria: (1) visual symptoms, (2) low CD4(+) counts (<50 cells/µL), (3) AIDS-defining illnesses (ADI), and/or (4) opportunistic infections (OI). Odds ratios for each of the demographic factors and enrollment criteria were calculated. Sensitivities, specificities, and workload reduction for the various combinations were determined. RESULTS A total of 348 screening visits for 176 HIV patients were performed. While individually only ADI was statistically significant for increased CMVR risk, the combination of CD4(+) counts <50 cells/μL with either ADI or visual symptoms or all 3 criteria were also statistically significant. Two enrollment criteria, ADI and ADI with CD4(+) <50 cells/μL, demonstrated good sensitivities, specificities, and workload reduction. CONCLUSION We propose ADI and possibly CD4(+) counts <50 cells/μL as enrollment criteria for CMVR screening.


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