Helicobacter pylori associated with chronic urticaria.


Chronic urticaria is one of the most frequent skin diseases in medical practice. Urticaria is defined as acute if the whealing persists for less than six weeks and as chronic if it persists for longer. Chronic urticaria that lasts for several years to decades significantly impairs the quality of life. There is evidence that Helicobacter pylori has a critical role in different extragastric diseases such as chronic urticaria. We present a case of chronic urticaria in an adult patient with H. pylori infection and disease regression after triple anti-H. pylori therapy. In contrast to the autoimmune mechanisms involved in chronic urticaria against which no specific treatment strategy has been developed, infections with H. pylori could be treated with triple therapy. It is suggested that laboratory tests for the detection of this pathogen should be performed in patients with chronic urticaria.


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